Donnerstag, 7. April 2016

Some WH40K: Imps!

Hey there!
I hoped that I can show you some more miniatures the last few days, but I was far too lazy to paint anything :D

So now, here are some new figures for my Imperial Army for 40K, I hope you like them!
I´m not shure about the backround of 40K and if it´s ok to use some xenos in the army...
But I thought maybe there are some worlds occupied by the empire where some natives want to join the Imperial Army... Soldiers are needed at every time!

And because I´m again in the Star Wars - Fever (can I say it like that? :D ) , I orderd some new ships for X-Wing and decided to repaint all of my ships, so I get a unique colour-scheme for my squadron ;) Hope you like them too!

See you next time, maybe I will paint some new imps by today or tomorrow... Let´s see!


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